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Spoken Tutorial

Spoken Tutorial

Ourdepartment has tied-up with IIT, BOMBAY for online tutorial programme. Underthis Programme they are providing a number of online courses whose list is asfollows:

  1. C

  2. C++

  3. PHP/MySQL

  4. Java

  5. Advanced Java

Studentsfrom different semester will choose one of the subjects from above list andthey will have to register themselves. After registration, IIT, BOMBAY willprovide online tutorial videos to the registered students. After going throughthe tutorial videos, registered students will have to attend the onlineexamination which will be scheduled by IIT, BOMBAY. On successful completion ofthe online examination, students will get a certificate from IIT, BOMBAY.

Studentsfrom different sessions have successfully completed some courses. These are asbelow:

  1. Session2013-16 have successfully completed PHP/MySQLand Advanced Java.

  2. Session2014-17 have successfully completed C,C++ and Java.

  3. Session2015-18 have successfully completed C.